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Quad Cities Sports Commission

136 E. Third Street, Davenport, IA 52801

(309) 736-6831.
Joan Kranovich, CMP
Website: www.visitquadcities.com
The Quad Cities is a bi-state region located on the
Mississippi River in Eastern Iowa. Easily accessible via
I80 and I74, and the Quad City International Airport.
You’ll marvel at the sports marketing service and
outstanding sporting facilities. Athletes and their
families are constantly talking about the surprises
they $nd in our destination.
You will fnd fnancial incentives, beautiful facilities,
6,000 hotel rooms, restaurant discounts, and
specialized services all served up with Midwestern
hospitality and afordability.
Nearby Metro Areas
Des Moines - 166 miles
Chicago - 175 miles
Minneapolis - 354 miles
Kansas City - 359 miles

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